Dario Zaffaroni
Presentazione di Alessandro Mantovani

ArTchitettura cromoterapeutica


Synthesis of the universe of asymmetric geometries and unusual colors of an enlightened genius. arrives at an absolute fixed point, allowing the line that divides art from architecture to be invisible. the master concentrates influences, inspirations, aspirations and years of ARTarchitectonic designs, focusing on the infinite limit of his own audacity in the combination of colours. Geometric with delicate chromatic, symbolic narrative, they are elaborations of abstract expressionism, graphic, multifaceted, eccentric enchantment. We find ourselves faced with an evocative search for identity, with the use of material elements, such as ribbons and rollers, which revolve around the reality of individual experience, an existential pivot that the master feels and transmits. On stage signs and colors of formal thematic values with a highly fascinating result and marked eclecticism, evident connotations of finely refined shapes, of symbols in harmonious combinations of non-homogeneous shapes. The master is in perpetual evolution, makes increasingly convincing decorative choices, produces intense, highly recognizable and unmistakable works, characterized by an absolutely unique style, the first ever to have experimented with such daring and painstaking artistic techniques. The proposed color combinations achieve a poetic unity capable of releasing latent emotions and feelings in the user, capable of bringing out a fresh emotionality, which seems to derive from a primordial dream with a unique magnetic charm. Once again we are invited to take a journey: this time, however, not to discover distant places or through unknown dimensions, but into geometry, the quintessence of formal rendering and balanced conceptual aesthetics.everything is balanced and considered, in a sort of mathematical devotion to the balance of forms, contents and visions: from the top of an elegant enlightened mind, horizontal, vertical and oblique compositions descend instead, schematically created with chromotherapeutic geometries, a continuous flow stylish, in a perennial yet calibrated state of grace. The light radiations of chromotherapy inherent in the master's works serve to improve the biological functions of the cells and the immune system. Colors and light are able to modulate the psyche, to act on people's emotional state, we talk about cheering up while exciting at the same time. The perfect combination of colors bears witness to therapeutic properties throughout the body and acts as a harmonizer of all imbalances. in this artistic production the recognizable chromotherapy programs are different, in fact to relax the mind we move from blue to green while to give energy charge we use the transition from yellow to red or from white to green. Perfect coexistence of romanticism and mathematical precision through a grid of radical squares that determine the stylistic signature of the master thanks to the bold colors, the materials used and the scalar dimensions, which give the works a clear and precise graphic. An artistic splendor that is expressed through the purity and linearity of the shapes, accompanied by an almost votive passion for rigorous attention to detail. A linear work, at least in appearance, the result of extreme precision and virtuous technicalities: lines that claim an architectural and rigorous importance, faithful to the millimetric respect of proportions and distances, under penalty of compromising the entire creation. a rigorous and clear series, a triumph of timeless complex simplicity aimed at emphasizing the style and elegance of the master, who made essential color the leitmotif of his aesthetic interpretation with extreme passion and dazzling formal research.


Alessandro Paolo Mantovani


(Per la personale di Dario Zaffaroni allo Spazio STRADEDARTS a Milano - ottobre 2019)

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